AudioManage: The coolest, easiest, and cheapest unicode mp3 tag editor and music organizer  

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  • Integrates completely with Windows Explorer.
  • Works from inside your media players!
  • Manage music, edit tags, organize & rename.
  • Find duplicate mp3 files by name or audio data.
  • View dynamic playlists and playing times.
  • All operations with simple drag & drop.
  • Instant Search Engine - save results as folders.
  • Full Unicode support in tags & filenames.
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What is AudioManage?
AudioManage is a music organizer that organizes all your MP3, WMA, OGG and other audio files in a meaningful, structured, and format independent manner. It can not only manage your local files, but also tracks on the network, removable devices, and even offline media (such as Audio CDs) and mp3 players. Most importantly, AudioManage hides a host of powerful features under a very simple and intuitive interface that everyone is comfortable with: the Windows Explorer interface. AudioManage has full support for Unicode tags and filenames. Now, you can easily edit tags, rename files, find duplicates, organize and manage your music files, and that too in the language of your choice, be it of the Latin character set, Asian (Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean and others.), or even Right-to-left (Hebrew, Arabic, etc.)!

How does it work?
AudioManage quickly indexes all your audio files, based on ID3 tags (or WM*, Vorbis or equivalent, depending on file format), folders, and filenames, creating a compact and efficient database. It uses fuzzy logic to attempt to determine details of tracks where ID3 tags are not present (or may not be correct or complete). You will be amazed at the quality of details, be it album or artist names, or track titles. Your collection then appears as a virtual drive under 'My Computer', and can be browsed as many different 'views'.

So what's so special about AudioManage?
The amazing thing is that these views are available to you right inside Windows Explorer! So, for example, if you decide to view your collection by Artist, you just have to open a folder called 'by Artists', and you will see sub-folders for all the artists that you have tracks by. Open the folder of an artist, and you will all tracks by that artist right there, in one place, no matter where each individual file resides. The best part is that you can access these views from even inside the File->Open dialog boxes of all Windows programs: this adds a powerful audio library and mp3 tag editor with a consistent interface to any standard Windows program! You can even send these virtual folders to your iPod! This also results in a common audio library being shared by all the programs, similar to the 'My Documents' folder. Think of AudioManage as a 'My Music' on steroids!


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